Established in 1987, CIRCUIT is a comprehensive women’s accessory and footwear exhibition featuring designer and fine jewelry, handbags, footwear, scarves, belts and gift items. Held 3 times a year during the January, April and August NYC market weeks, this exhibition runs concurrently with ENK’s Intermezzo Collections.

The highly successful platform for emerging designers within Accessorie Circuit. This curated selection of inspired talent will showcase an exclusive mix of innovative collections, handpicked based on their creative skills, craftsmanship, quality and originality.


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April 2015 Collections

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Accessorie Circuit
updated weekly
49 Square Miles
About Accessories new
Accessories That Matter, Ltd.
ADA Collection
Adina Reyter
Adornia new fraiche
Adriatic Jewelry new fraiche
Agency Showroom
Aid Through Trade
Alexis Bittar
All Black
Amet and Ladoue
Amrita Singh
Ana Maison
Ananda Soul Creations new
Anandi Joshi
Angélique de Paris
Anna Beck Designs
Annie Hammer Jewelry
Arlington Milne Pty Ltd new
Art Wear Dimitriadis
Asha by ADM
Atelier Mon
A.V. Max
B-Low the Belt
B. Belt
Bettina Duncan
Bettye Muller new
Bijoux Num
Bittersweet Designs
Blu + Baker
Bonnefoy Creations
Brightly Twisted
Brooklyn Hat Company
Buco Handbags
Buja new
Buju Jewelry
Business France
By Boe Ltd
Camilla Jalk new
Carla Mancini
Carolina Amato
Casana Designs
Catherine Canino Jewelry
Catherine Weitzman
Chan Luu
Chan Luu e.f.i
Charlotte Wendes new
Chelsey Imports Ltd.
Cheryl Dufault Designs
Chibi Jewels
Christian Livingston
Christopher Kon
Clara Kasavina
Claudia Lobao
Cloverpost Jewelry new
Coordinates Collection
Coralia Leets Design
Cristina Sabatini
Cynthia Desser Collection
Cynthia Vincent Handbags
Daniella Lehavi
Dean Davidson
Debbie Martin Designs, Inc.
Debe Dohrer Design new
Deborah Grivas Designs
Deepa Gurnani
The Design Effect Inc.
Deux Lux
Dominique Denaive Paris
Donni Charm
Edith Hegedüs new
Ela Rae
Elan 5 new
Elizabeth and James Jewelry
Ellen Hunter NYC fraiche
Elms+ King new
Eric Javits Inc.
Erickson Beamon
Fig & Bella
The Finest Accessories,Inc./France Luxe
Fraas, The Scarf Company
The Fragrance Group
Fraiser Sterling new
Francoise Montague
Freebird by Steven
Freida Rothman
Galleria Armadoro
Gerard Yosca
Gigi New York
GJ. Gillian Julius
Glen Prince
Graf & Lantz
Hat Attack and Buji Baja
Heather Benjamin Jewelry
Heather Kahn new
Hipchik Couture
I Bello!
In 2 Design
Iradj Moini Inc.
Item Showroom
Ivory North Showroom new
Jane Diaz/New York Inc.
Janis By Janis Savitt
Jarin K
Jasper Haang new
Jean-Louis Blin
Jeffrey Campbell
Jena Weir Sales
Jennifer Haley Handbags
Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry
Jenny Bird
Jet Set Candy new
Jianhui London
Jill Haber
JJ Winters
Joanna Laura Constantine new
Joanna Maxham
Joelle Hawkens by Treesje
Johnny Farah
Josephine Bergsøe new
JPK Collections
Julez Bryant Inc.
Julie Aylward Jewelry
Julie Vos
Julieri new fraiche
Juliet Jewelry
Kacey K
Karine Sultan
Katie Diamond Jewelry
Kelly Bello Design fraiche
Kendra Scott Design new
KMO Paris
Kristi Harris/ Harris Dolbee Inc.
Kyoko Honda Jewelry
Kyu Melange new
L.A.M.B. Handbags
La Soula new
La Vie Parisienne by Catherine Popesco
Lahola Evelyne Ltd. new
Lancaster Paris
Lauren Cecchi fraiche
Lauren Merkin
Lauren Wolf Jewelry
Le Camp
LeBloc fraiche
Lenora Dame
Liebeskind - Berlin
Lisa August
Lisa Freede Jewelry
Love Heals
Lucas Jack
Lucky Star Jewels
Lulu Designs
Lupo Barcelona
LZZR Jewelry fraiche
Marcia Moran
Margaret Elizabeth
Margo Morrison New York
Marie-Laure Chamorel
Marly Moretti
Marlyn Schiff
Maya J
Me & Kashmiere
Melanie Auld
Melissa Shoes
Metier USA new
Miguel Ases
Monserat De Lucca
Moss Mills
Nada Sawaya
Nanna Schou new
Nicolette Stoltze new
Nirvanna Designs-Ice
Notanonymous Showroom
Onteks new
Ornalys new
Oscar Bijoux new
Paige Hamilton Design
Pantherella & Scott Nichol new
Physician Endorsed, Gottex Accessories
Piccolo New York fraiche
Pietro Alessandro
Pono by Joan Goodman
Poppy Finch new fraiche
Quilted Koala, Ltd. new
Raina Belts
Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Norman
Rebel Refined
Recherche New York
Remi & Reid
Renee Sheppard
Rigamonti & Co. new
Roberta Pieri
Robindira Unsworth
Roni Blanshay Designs
Samira 13 Jewelry
Sandy Duftler Designs/ Beltworks
Sara Designs NYC
Sarah Magid Jewelry
Satya Jewelry
Scojo New York
Seasonal Whispers
Seraphine Design new fraiche
Sharmin Faruque Inc. new
ShawLux Scarves
Showroom Seven International
Simon Sebbag
Skinny by Jessica Elliot
Skits new
Sol Sana new
Sola Showroom
Sonya Renee
Sophie West
Stephanie Johnson
Stephen Dweck
Streets Ahead Inc.
Succarra Showroom
Sugar Bean Jewelry
Supplements N.Y.
Susan Roberts Jewelry new
Suzi Roher
Tan & Brown
Tat2 Designs
Tattoo Bella
The Third Piece new
Theia Jewelry
Thursday Friday
Tine Lindhard new
Twitten new
Urmi new
Valerie Valentine
Vaubel Designs
Vendula London Limited
Vera Pilo new
Victoria Ashlee Jewelry
Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry
Vincent Filac new
Vita Fede
W. H. Petronela
Yosi Samra
Yvette Fry, Inc.
Zarah Voigt new
Zoe Chicco

Floor Plans

Javits Center

To view and/or download a detailed floor plan, click the links on the left or on the desired venue or venue level from the image. Detailed floor plans are typically available 4-6 weeks prior to the Show opening.

Hotel + Amenities


  2. AirBNB
    • About
    • AirBNB began in 2008 when two designers who had space to share hosted three travelers looking for a place to stay. Now, millions of hosts and travelers choose to create a free Airbnb account so they can list their space and book unique accommodations anywhere in the world.

    • Accommodations
    • From futons on the floor to castles on the hilltop, each Airbnb listings is unique. Search results feature entire homes, private rooms, and shared rooms at every price point. Hosts describe their space in detail, including available amenities and arrival and departure times, and guests leave reviews about their experience.

    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • Whether you’re traveling or hosting, AIRBNB is there for you before, during, and after your experience. Help Center…contact us by visiting or for urgent matters, call 415-800-5959 or 855-424-7262

  3. Hotels.Flights.Savings
    • For additional hotel discounts and reservations, please click here.

Car Services

  1. Skyline Limousine
    • ENK will have a dispatcher from Skyline limousine at the Show venue so that guests may arrange private transportation during the Exhibition. Skyline has a very large fleet of Town Cars: non-smoking cars are available upon request.
    • To pre-arrange an account Skyline, please print and complete the credit application, and mail or fax it to them directly.
  2. Uber
    • Uber X
    • Sample Vehicles: Toyota Camry Lincoln Town Car Chrysler 300
    • NYC Fares: Base fare = $3.00; $0.40 per minute; $2.15 per mile, minimum fare $8; cancellation $10
    • Uber XL
    • Sample Vehicles: Toyota Camry Lincoln Town Car Chrysler 300
    • NYC Fares: Base fare = $4.50; $0.60 per minute; $3.25 per mile, minimum fare $12; cancellation $10
    • Uber Black
    • Sample Vehicles: Toyota Camry Lincoln Town Car Chrysler 300
    • NYC Fares: Base fare = $7; $0.65 per minute; $3.75 per mile, minimum fare $15
    • Uber SUV
    • Sample Vehicles: Chevrolet Suburban Cadillac Escalade GMC Yukon XL
    • NYC Fares: Base fare = $14; $0.80 per minute; $4.50 per mile, minimum fare $25

Taxi Services

  1. NYC Taxis
    • NYC taxis can be hailed throughout Manhattan by holding your arm in the air on the street corner. Avaiablle taxis have the center light atop their roof on. Lights off mean the taxi is occupied. Taxis also have an ‘off duty’ light atop the car.

    • The meter is required to be engaged or "hired" when a taxicab is occupied by anyone in addition to the driver. The Standard City Rate is $2.50 upon entry and $0.50 for each additional unit. The unit fare is:

    • 1/5 of a mile, when the taxicab is traveling at 6 miles an hour or more; or 60 seconds when not in motion or traveling at less than 6 miles per hour. Night surcharge of $.50 after 8:00 PM & before 6:00 AM Peak hour Weekday Surcharge of $1.00 Monday - Friday after 4:00 PM & before 8:00 PM. New York State Tax Surcharge of $.50 per ride.

  2. Taxi Apps

Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service will run on Show days from 8am-7pm (until 1 hour after Show closing on the last Show Day) as follows: Every 30 minutes between the hours of 8am-3pm, 15-20 minutes after 3pm (pick-up times may vary slightly due to traffic conditions).

  • Route 1
  • Penn Station (On 8th Avenue at 31st Street on the Southeast corner)
  • Port Authority (On 8th Avenue and 42nd street, the Northwest Corner, in front of Duane Reade.)
  • Route 2
  • Hudson (On 58th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, directly in front of the main entrance)
  • Hampton Inn (On 8th Avenue between 51st and 52nd Streets)

Airport Transportation

When traveling from the Airport and paying via credit card, you will need to pay in advance via the credit card machine at the Airport Taxi stand. Traveling from other destinations, before entering the taxi, check to ensure they accept credit cards.

  • JFK International Airport
  • Taxi Fares: $45.00 flat rate plus any tolls PLUS NY State Tax Surcharge of $.50 per trip to/from Manhattan. Destinations outside of Manhattan are charged via the meter rate. For multiple stops or pickups, the flat rate of $45.00 will be collected at the first stop. Then the taxi meter will be turned on and the last passenger will then pay the final meter rate.

  • LaGuardia Airport
  • Taxi Fares: $26-30.00 plus any tolls PLUS NY State Tax Surcharge of $.50 per trip to/from Manhattan.

  • Newark International Airport
  • Taxi Fares: $50-$75 (aprox.) to any Manhattan location. Additional charges include all tolls, luggage over 24 inches.

  • Airport Shuttle
  • Fares: $15-$19 per person, depending on pickup point and destination

  • Details: Available 24 hours a day; door to door service. No reservations are required from the airport. Reservations required going to the airport.

  • SuperShuttle
  • 718.482.8585, ext. 3263 -or-
  • 1.800.Blue Van (258.3826)

Javits Parking

Discounted Parking Coupon

  • MP 41 LLC, 475 West 41st Street
  • Up to 10 hrs - $12
  • Up to 12 hrs - $20
  • Up to 24 hrs - $45
  • Edison
  • 451 9th Avenue, between 35th & 36th Street
  • 412-422 West 33rd @ 9th Avenue
  • 150 West 38th Street, 6am - 12am
  • 252 West 40th Street, 6:30am - 11pm
  • 230 West 31st Street, 24 hours
  • 551 West 38th Street, 7am - 6pm
  • 493 10th Avenue @ 38th Street, 24 hours
  • 484 10th Avenue, between 37th & 38th Streets, 24 hours
  • 330 10th Avenue @ 30th Street, 24 hours
  • 518 30th Street, between 10th & 11th Avenue, 24 hours
  • 519 9th Avenue @ 37th Street, 24 hours
  • 475 9th Avenue @ 37th Street, 24 hours
  • 451 10th Avenue @ 37th Street, 24 hours
  • 550 W 37th Street, between 10th & 11th Avenue, 24 hours


  • 11th Ave @ 37th St.
  • NYC 10019


  • Monday, April 27 / 9am-6pm
  • Tuesday, April 28 / 9am-6pm
  • Wednesday, April 29 / 9am-5pm