Established in 1987, CIRCUIT is a comprehensive women’s accessory and footwear exhibition featuring designer and fine jewelry, handbags, footwear, scarves, belts and gift items. Held 3 times a year during the January, May and August NYC market weeks, this exhibition runs concurrently with ENK’s Intermezzo Collections.

The highly successful platform for emerging designers within Accessorie Circuit. This curated selection of inspired talent will showcase an exclusive mix of innovative collections, handpicked based on their creative skills, craftsmanship, quality and originality.


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January 2015 Collections

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Accessorie Circuit
updated weekly
31 BitsPier 943142
49 Square Miles newPier 944115
Accessories That Matter, Ltd.Pier 942800
ADA CollectionPier 944117
Adia Kibur AccessoriesPier 943205
Adina ReyterPier 944112
Adriana Castro
Aesthetic MovementPier 943035
Agency ShowroomPier 942736
Aid Through Trade
Alex WooPier 944011
Alexis BittarPier 944200
All BlackPier 943128
Amet and LadouePier 943026
Andrea Insua new
Angélique de ParisPier 942825
Anna Beck DesignsPier 942709
Annie Hammer JewelryPier 942708
Art Wear Dimitriadis
Asha by ADMPier 943710
Ashiana Accessories Ltd.Pier 944210
Ashlyn'dPier 943037
Atelier MonPier 943105
A.V. MaxPier 943912
Avecmoto new
AvindyPier 943035
B-Low the BeltPier 943808
B. Belt newPier 942837
B.U.Pier 943038
BalbianelloPier 942842
Be You Fashion
Bed StuPier 943126
Bettina DuncanPier 943000
Bijoux NumPier 943251
Bittersweet Designs
Blossom BoxPier 943201
Blu + BakerPier 943715
BotkierPier 943802
BoulevardPier 942828
Buco HandbagsPier 944008
Buju JewelryPier 943500
ButikPier 943142,3143
By Boe LtdPier 943610
Calleen CorderoPier 944106
Caria Design new
Carla ManciniPier 942926
Carolina AmatoPier 943410
Catherine Canino JewelryPier 943242
Catherine PagePier 943425
Catherine WeitzmanPier 943812
CathsPier 942942
Cecilia GonzalesPier 942712
Chan LuuPier 943112,3212
Chan Luu e.f.iPier 943112,3212
Cheryl Dufault DesignsPier 943337
Chibi JewelsPier 943239
Christian LivingstonPier 943604
Christopher KonPier 944104
Claire Florence new
Clara KasavinaPier 943407
Clara WilliamsPier 943011
Cocoa Jewelry new
CocobellePier 943135
CommandoPier 942911
Coordinates Collection
Coralia Leets DesignPier 944108
Crislu CorporationPier 942920
Cristina Sabatini
Cristina V.
Cynthia Desser CollectionPier 944203
Dana KellinPier 943006
Daniella LehaviPier 943310
Dean DavidsonPier 944004
Debbie Martin Designs, Inc. newPier 942851
Deborah Grivas DesignsPier 943501
Deepa GurnaniPier 943716
The Design Effect Inc.Pier 943207
Deux LuxPier 943428
DilamaniPier 943422
DogearedPier 943221
Dominique Denaive Paris
Donni CharmPier 943421
Ela RaePier 944401
Emma McKinstry new
Eric Javits Inc.Pier 942705
Erickson BeamonPier 944000
Etkie new
ÉvocateurPier 943601
Eye.BobsPier 943307
Faire Collection
Fantasia by DeSerioPier 943511
FiccarePier 942729
Fiftytwo ShowroomPier 944300
Fig & BellaPier 943801
The Finest Accessories,Inc./France LuxePier 943330
Fiocco Mexico new
FlorabellaPier 944009
Forever Creations
Fraas, The Scarf CompanyPier 942835
Fragments Collection by StephanPier 942908
Fragments ShowroomPier 942900
The Fragrance GroupPier 943012
Fredrick Prince Jewelry new
Freebird by StevenPier 943131
Freida RothmanPier 943314
French KandePier 943603
From St. Xavier new
FryePier 943223
Galleria Armadoro new
Gigi New York
GiovannioPier 942724
GJ. Gillian JuliusPier 943708
GorjanaPier 943110
Graf & LantzPier 942820
Greenola, Inc. new
GrisalPier 943209
Hammitt Los AngelesPier 943226
HarshitaPier 942940
Hat Attack and Buji Baja
Heather Benjamin JewelryPier 942909
Heather HawkinsPier 943414
HeetPier 943424
Hester van Eeghen newPier 943512
HipanemaPier 942927
Hipchik CouturePier 942738
HoboPier 942913
Hudson+BleeckerPier 944209
I Bello! newPier 942822
Ija Designs newPier 943427
In 2 DesignPier 942728
IndulgemsPier 943316
Iradj Moini Inc.Pier 943300
Item ShowroomPier 943911
Jane Diaz/New York Inc.Pier 944107
Jane Tran Inc.Pier 943220
Janis By Janis SavittPier 943700
Jarin KPier 943408
JCL Design/Vivian JacobPier 942840
Jena Weir SalesPier 944112
Jennifer Haley Handbags
Jennifer Zeuner JewelryPier 943906
Jenny BirdPier 944111
Jianhui LondonPier 943328
JitniPier 942826
JJ Winters
Joelle Hawkens by TreesjePier 942720
JoliePier 942839
Josie Natori new
JPK Collections newPier 942810
Julez Bryant Inc.Pier 943805
Julie Aylward JewelryPier 943516
Julie VosPier 943423
Juliet Jewelry new
Justin Gregory
Kacey KPier 943901
KanupriyaPier 943712
Karine SultanPier 943235
Katie Diamond JewelryPier 942811
KayuPier 944208
Kenny Ma Designs, Inc.Pier 942941
Kim & Zozi Hippie Bling
Kismet By MilkaPier 942901
KMO ParisPier 942937
Kris Nations
Kristi Harris/ Harris Dolbee Inc.Pier 942720
Kyoko Honda Jewelry newPier 942752
La BagageriePier 942808
La Mer CollectionsPier 943142
La Vie Parisienne by Catherine PopescoPier 942938
LaggoPier 943602
Lancaster ParisPier 942800
Lauren MerkinPier 942814
Lauren Wolf Jewelry new
Le Camp new
LeatherockPier 942713
Lelet NY new
Lena SkadegardPier 942900
Lenora DamePier 942735
Les Néréides new
Lina Shop
Lionette by Noa Sade
Lisa AugustPier 943206
Lisa Freede JewelryPier 943811
Liza Schwartz JewelryPier 942838
L.K. DesignsPier 943001
LoloPier 942739
Love HealsPier 943013
Luana - Italy new
Luanne Vrattos new
Lucky Brand Handbags new
Lucky Star Jewels
Lucy DaltonPier 942852
Lulu DK LifestylePier 943350
Madame RevePier 943911
MadePier 943142
Maneesha Ruia
Mar Y Sol
Marcia MoranPier 943108
Margaret Elizabeth
Margaret Ellis JewelryPier 943809
Margo Morrison New YorkPier 944012
Marly Moretti
Marlyn SchiffPier 943608
Mary Louise DesignsPier 943008
Matt & NatPier 942935
Maya JPier 943606
Me & KashmierePier 944302
MelaPier 943250
Melanie AuldPier 943612
Mgems Jewelry new
Miguel AsesPier 942906
MilliannaPier 943009
Modus Rio by Basically BrazilPier 943240
Monserat De LuccaPier 942722
Moo Moo LuxePier 943040
Morra DesignsPier 943426
MoseyPier 942805
Moss MillsPier 944304
MystiquePier 943706
Nada Sawaya, New YorkPier 943804
Namrata JoshipuraPier 943413
NashellePier 943420
NikiaPier 943503
NocturnePier 944204
Notanonymous ShowroomPier 943600
NuNuPier 942807
One OAK by SaraPier 943504
Opale new
Ottaviani new
Paige NovickPier 944005
Physician Endorsed, Gottex AccessoriesPier 943340
Pisu Bazaar new
Pono by Joan GoodmanPier 943309
PunchcasePier 943900
PyrrhaPier 943904
Rachel ReinhardtPier 942711
Rainbow International Craft, Inc. new
RajPier 943338
Ramy Brook HandbagsPier 943704
Rebecca MinkoffPier 943000A
Rebel Designs new
Recherche New York
Remi & ReidPier 942823
Re-MixPier 943130
Rene Escobar JewelryPier 943005
Rivka Friedman Designs
Roberta Pieri newPier 943137
Robindira UnsworthPier 942821
Roni Blanshay DesignsPier 943115
Rose Gonzales
RumbaTime new
SailormadePier 943106
Samira 13 JewelryPier 943800
Sandy Duftler Designs/BeltworksPier 943027
Santacana Madrid
SantiPier 943100
Sara Designs NYCPier 944305
Sarah Briggs Jewelry
Sarah Magid JewelryPier 943806
Sasha's Mind LookPier 943510
Satya Jewelry
Scojo New YorkPier 944113
Seasonal WhispersPier 943029
See DesignPier 943101
SerefinaPier 943320
Serpui MariePier 944300
Shannon Koszyk
Sharon David JewelryPier 943505
ShawLux ScarvesPier 942726
ShayPier 943305
She+LoPier 943702
Showroom Seven InternationalPier 944000
SibiliaPier 942929
Simon SebbagPier 943210
Skinny by Jessica ElliotPier 942829
Sola ShowroomPier 944104
SongO new
Sonya ReneePier 943600
Sophie West new
SorialPier 942812
Stephanie JohnsonPier 942707
Stephen DweckPier 943701
Streets Ahead Inc.Pier 943508
Succarra Showroom
Sugar Bean Jewelry
SupergaPier 943230
Supplements N.Y.Pier 944208
Susan and Company ShowroomPier 943316
Susan Hanover DesignsPier 942905
Suzi RoherPier 943312
TaiPier 943200
Tat2 Designs
Tattoo Bella new
Theia JewelryPier 943321
Tusk, Ltd.Pier 942809
Vaubel DesignsPier 943405
Velatti by Sandra Acosta new
Vendula London Limited newPier 943342
Victoria Ashlee Jewelry
VismayaPier 942721
Vita FedePier 944002
VivoPier 943502
Wanderlust + CoPier 943142
Yael Salomon new
YarnzPier 943908
Yvette Fry, Inc.Pier 943100
ZinaPier 943139
Zoe ChiccoPier 944102

Floor Plans

Piers 92.94

To view and/or download a detailed floor plan, click the links on the left or on the desired venue or venue level from the image. Detailed floor plans are typically available 4-6 weeks prior to the Show opening.

Hotel + Amenities


  2. AirBNB
    • About AirBNB began in 2008 when two designers who had space to share hosted three travelers looking for a place to stay. Now, millions of hosts and travelers choose to create a free Airbnb account so they can list their space and book unique accommodations anywhere in the world.

    • Accommodations From futons on the floor to castles on the hilltop, each Airbnb listings is unique. Search results feature entire homes, private rooms, and shared rooms at every price point. Hosts describe their space in detail, including available amenities and arrival and departure times, and guests leave reviews about their experience.

    • 24/7 Customer Support Whether you’re traveling or hosting, AIRBNB is there for you before, during, and after your experience. Help Center…contact us by visiting or for urgent matters, call 415-800-5959 or 855-424-7262

    • For additional hotel discounts and reservations, please click here.

Car Services

    • ENK will have a dispatcher from Skyline limousine at the Show venue so that guests may arrange private transportation during the Exhibition. Skyline has a very large fleet of Town Cars: non-smoking cars are available upon request.
    • To pre-arrange an account Skyline, please print and complete the credit application, and mail or fax it to them directly.
  2. Uber
    • Uber X
    • Sample Vehicles: Toyota Camry Lincoln Town Car Chrysler 300
    • NYC Fares: Base fare = $3.00; $0.40 per minute; $2.15 per mile, minimum fare $8; cancellation $10
    • Uber XL
    • Sample Vehicles: Toyota Camry Lincoln Town Car Chrysler 300
    • NYC Fares: Base fare = $4.50; $0.60 per minute; $3.25 per mile, minimum fare $12; cancellation $10
    • Uber Black
    • Sample Vehicles: Toyota Camry Lincoln Town Car Chrysler 300
    • NYC Fares: Base fare = $7; $0.65 per minute; $3.75 per mile, minimum fare $15
    • Uber SUV
    • Sample Vehicles: Chevrolet Suburban Cadillac Escalade GMC Yukon XL
    • NYC Fares: Base fare = $14; $0.80 per minute; $4.50 per mile, minimum fare $25

Taxi Services

  1. NYC Taxis
    • NYC taxis can be hailed throughout Manhattan by holding your arm in the air on the street corner. Avaiablle taxis have the center light atop their roof on. Lights off mean the taxi is occupied. Taxis also have an ‘off duty’ light atop the car.

    • The meter is required to be engaged or "hired" when a taxicab is occupied by anyone in addition to the driver. The Standard City Rate is $2.50 upon entry and $0.50 for each additional unit. The unit fare is:

    • 1/5 of a mile, when the taxicab is traveling at 6 miles an hour or more; or 60 seconds when not in motion or traveling at less than 6 miles per hour. Night surcharge of $.50 after 8:00 PM & before 6:00 AM Peak hour Weekday Surcharge of $1.00 Monday - Friday after 4:00 PM & before 8:00 PM. New York State Tax Surcharge of $.50 per ride.

  2. Taxi Apps

Airport Transportation

When traveling from the Airport and paying via credit card, you will need to pay in advance via the credit card machine at the Airport Taxi stand. Traveling from other destinations, before entering the taxi, check to ensure they accept credit cards.

  • Taxi Fares: $45.00 flat rate plus any tolls PLUS NY State Tax Surcharge of $.50 per trip to/from Manhattan. Destinations outside of Manhattan are charged via the meter rate. For multiple stops or pickups, the flat rate of $45.00 will be collected at the first stop. Then the taxi meter will be turned on and the last passenger will then pay the final meter rate.
  • Taxi Fares: $50-$75 (aprox.) to any Manhattan location. Additional charges include all tolls, luggage over 24 inches.
  • Taxi Fares: $26-30.00 plus any tolls PLUS NY State Tax Surcharge of $.50 per trip to/from Manhattan.
  • Fares: $15-$19 per person, depending on pickup point and destination
  • Details: Available 24 hours a day; door to door service. No reservations are required from the airport. Reservations required going to the airport.
  • SuperShuttle
  • 718.482.8585, ext. 3263 -or-
  • 1.800.Blue Van (258.3826)
To access The Pier parking area, go up the ramp; follow the Parking signs to the roof. Park your car and take the escalator directly to street level. You will need your parking receipt when you exit. You may arrange overnight parking with the Parking Attendant upon entering the lot.

The Piers complex will be busy with ENK Exhibitors as well as ship traffic. If you are driving to the Piers, you may wish to park in one of the nearby lots.
Note: parking costs vary; you should ask the cost before parking.

West 55th Street btwn 9th & 10th Ave, 6am-1am daily, Cash/Credit Card (no trucks or SUV’s)

West 56th Street btwn 11th and 12th Ave
West 57th Street btwn 11th & 12th Ave, 24-hrs, daily, Cash only

West 57th Street at 11th Ave, 24-hours, daily, Cash and Credit Card

West 60th Street btwn 11th & 12th Ave, 24-hours, daily, Cash/Credit Card

West 59th Street btwn 10th & 11th Avenues, 24-hours, daily, Cash only

Piers 92/94
12th Ave @ 55th St.
NYC 10019
Monday, January 5 / 9am-6pm
Tuesday, January 6 / 9am-6pm
Wednesday, January 7 / 9am-5pm